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mike speigner - virtual tours

Point of View Concepts 360 (POVC360) is a proud Veteran-owned business with over 30 years in the Media and Video Production industry.

This gives our team a unique talent for transitioning into 360° Virtual Tours and being able to transform something as simple as bricks and mortar or the inside of an RV motorhome into a captivating and immersive, interactive experience.


With decades of TV/Film experience, our team knows how to turn the 360 photographs of your listing into an immersive, high-quality cinematic 360° showpiece. 

We offer services utilizing the latest in 360° and VR technology, processes and equipment to showcase your business or listings from an enticing and personal perspective.

"We take a balanced approach to creating 360° visual content between quality and cost. My goal is that me and my team to produce the highest level of virtual tours available in the most cost effective way to fit any budget. My virtual tours are not only a product of high level, complex 360° photography, but also of our extremely detailed approach to innovation. We employ virtual tour design elements that engage the viewer, giving an immersive feeling of being there in person. We take the time to understand the viewer’s perspective and the important information you wish to convey, so that each visitor is able to fully understand the place or process that has been presented to them."

Mike Speigner

Michael has 30 years professional Production experience in video, television, print and web. He’s had work published in major national and international magazines and worked on productions and features for television, corporate, gaming and motion pictures. He’s also been directing since 1993.

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