Live Guided Showings - A Revolution For Virtual Tours!

POVC360 Virtual Tours each come with integrated video conferencing that can be controlled by any participant. A TRUE paradigm shift!

Live Guided Showings give you a powerful video call inside your virtual tour. Ideal for the personal touch and assistance that remote showings have lacked up to now.


Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition!

Take your guests “by the hand” on a virtual tour! Synchronizing where you look, you can take turns on controlling the virtual tour. Guests can still “unhook” and take a closer look where THEY want so not to lose the interactivity of the virtual tour. With a simple click they hook back into where you, the host, is. At the same time, you can talk to each other as you go through the Virtual Tour.

Live Guided Showings are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, so your guest can dial in from their mobile phones as well.

The host can highlight areas of interest in real time and showcase and discuss in real time what’s being seen in 360º by everybody. The guest can follow where the host takes them, look around on their own or ask for permission to control the tour as the host. Ideal for asking questions on elements and details in the scene.

More Than Just Screen Sharing!

Live Guided Showings are much more than a video conference with a shared screen.

…They are a communication
tool embedded within a virtual tour.

Everyone can navigate the tour as they’re used to or follow the lead of the one controlling the tour. But everyone sees the Virtual Tour in the true quality that it is – a BIG difference from trying to screen share a 360º tour in medium quality via Skype or Zoom for instance.

have a virtual meeting at the unit

All Signature Virtual Tours are already preloaded with this Live Guided Showing feature, but is not available to a Visitor until Activated by a Host.

It’s worth noting that this Tour will still function as a “normal” Virtual Tour. The only difference is upon right click the Host has the option to open the line for a Live Guided Showing. We give you a secure password to protect your public virtual tour from just anyone trying to sign on as a Host.

Live Guided Showings allow you to give a personal guided tour or to host an "Open House" with multiple guests at the same time. Boost the exposure of your unique Listing... ANY TIME!

The Live Guided Showing feature is literally a Live Virtual Meeting at the unit or place. Schedule a time to meet and send your guest the URL link of the Virtual Tour is the place, or just make yourself available similar to an “open house”.

Whether you set a time to meet or just want to make yourself available anytime, Meeting LIVE is Simply Easy.

The Host

How It Works

  1. Once your tour is online, you can Start the Live Guided Showing feature, which means you open the line for guests to dial in. For that, right click on the tour and select “Start Live Guided Session”. Now, is when you’ll be asked to enter your password established earlier. This will make you the host of the session. Once you’re online as the Host, guests will start seeing an option to “dial in” and you will be notified of any call coming in.

2. When you log in for the first time, the system will take you through a couple of windows explaining the buttons available to you. 

Once you’re through these explanation windows, you’re ready to be called.

3. In your browser, you need to give permission to access the camera and microphone. You can revoke this permission in your browser settings at all times.

  1. Guests will only be able to call when there is a host logged in. As soon as the host has logged in, any visitor of the virtual tour will see the option to “START LIVE SESSION” on the top of their screen.

2. When clicked, the guest will be asked to enter a name (this is cached, so they only have to insert that the first time). Upon clicking “Connect”, the guest is calling in to the Live Session. Make sure to grant permission to your camera and microphone.

3. When a guest first enters the tour, they’ll be prompted a welcome screen with instructions on the Live Guided Showing feature.

And that’s it. Everyone is ready to explore, show, guide and talk – together.


How It Works

Of course your guest or guests can hear you, the host, talk…. but any audio inside your tour is muted by default, so as not to interfere with your voice speaking. With a simple click, you can re-enable sound for videos from your menu. Voila!

Live Guided Showings create an extra layer of quality, communication and immersiveness increasing your sales power!

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