DIY360 Program Info for Pop Reps

Previously the PR360 Virtual Tour Photographer’s Program

Enabling ALL POP SELLS Reps Ability to Utilize 360° Virtual Tours for Their Listings…NATIONALLY!

We Are Excited to Introduce to You an Updated Virtual Tour Program Just for POP Reps!

DIY360 for Pop Reps (previously PR360) is a program that allows POP Reps all over the USA to take your own 360° photos and submit them to us and we will make a creative Virtual Tour for your Pop RV or Pop Yachts listing pages, and soon for Pop Homes.

Program Highlights

DIY360 for Pop Reps includes online training where we walk with you step-by-step in how to take your own 360° panorama photos, which you then will upload to us and we put together a complete 360° Virtual Tour for your Listing unit.

Not a POP SELLS Rep? Check out our general
DIY Virtual Tour Program instead!

PopRVs Virtual Tour Button Listing Location

Benefits To Having A 360° Virtual Tour For Your Listings

In addition to offering hundreds of photographs to show detail and video to bring life to the unit, a 360° Virtual Tour adds additional value and benefits….

Do I Need Technical Skills?

You will need to be familiar with basic computer skills, including copy/paste, installing and accessing apps on your phone and have the ability to upload files via the internet. Everything else is laid out for you step by step in the DIY360 for Pop Reps Training.

Are You a POP SELLS Rep and Ready to Start?

$725 Incentive Details

We are investing in YOU to help cover the cost of your initial equipment purchase!  POVC360 is offering an incentive for active POP Reps to join the PR360 Virtual Tour Photographer Program.

Offer Info:
You will receive $725 USD after completing and submitting 30 qualified* Virtual Tours for processing. POP will cover all tour processing costs for qualifying* listings. 

*To Submit a “qualified” listing Virtual Tour:

  • You must be an active Pop Rep
  • The listing sales price is $70k or more (for RVs and Boats/Yachts) – Or you’ve received an approved Exception for this listing through help@popsells.com 
  • Listing is actively published.

Payment will be sent to you by POVC360 within approximately 30 days of your 30th qualifying tour.

Reps Who Have Already Submitted Virtual Tours:
All Reps who have already registered with the PR360 Program and submitted Virtual Tours will receive credit for any tours they have already completed. 

Incentive Questions?



Register for the DIY360 for Pop Reps Training Program

First, make sure you register for the DIY360 for Pop Reps Training!  You don’t need to have your equipment to register and go through the Training initially, but it will give you online access to your DIY360 Training Course.  **Please be sure to use your POP SELLS EMAIL ADDRESS when you register.** 


Within 24 Hours of Registering (M-F), you’ll receive an email with your personal Training Course Access login. If it’s been longer than this and you’ve still not received your login, please check your junk/spam folders and then contact us here.

Not a POP SELLS Rep? Check out our general DIY Virtual Tour Program instead!


Get Your Equipment

You’ll need an initial purchase of the required 360° camera and necessary equipment. (See info below). We have researched and tested several cameras, and we’ve weighed the pros and cons of each and put together the best possible combination of equipment balancing cost, ease of use and quality. If you already own the Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition camera – contact us for details, perfect! If not, you’ll need to purchase one to utilize the DIY360 for Pop Reps Program.

The Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition we recommend for a camera is much more than just a 360° Panorama camera! It does so much more! It also takes the place of both a standard photo and video camera too, (No need to overload your mobile phone with listing photo/video any longer!) so it’s well worth the initial investment.

We have developed a FREE professional step-by-step Training Program for you that teaches what you need to know to be successful in taking 360° photography to enhance your POP listings. …And POP SELLS is investing in you by covering the cost of each Virtual Tour that you submit to us for processing**.

You have two options to purchase your equipment… 


Purchase Equipment
Through the POP Shop

POP has made it super easy to purchase the equipment that you need to be part of the DIY360 for Pop Reps Program with your Pop Points.

They have a limited number of Virtual Tour Camera packages available in the POP Shop.

You can find them by logging into your Diehard account and going to the POP Shop and searching for the Virtual Tour Camera Kit product.


Purchase Equipment
from Vendors Directly

You can also buy directly by going to the links below and order the items…   We make an effort to keep up with the best available vendors, but let us know if any links are not working or vendors are no longer offering a product we suggest.

Questions? If you have an equipment question for Mike at POVC360 before you purchase, please reach out here. If you have questions pertaining to your equipment order, please reach out to the Amazon vendor directly as these items do not come from us.


Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition
$549 (approx.)

“Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition – Waterproof 4K 60fps Action Camera & 5.7K 360 Camera with Interchangeable Lenses, Stabilization, 48MP Photo, Active HDR, AI Editing”

SanDisk 128 GB SD Card
$20 (approx.)

Koolehaoda Extendable Aluminum Monopod
with Removable Metal Tripod Support Base
$60 (approx.)

Bestshoot Monopod Base
Load 3KG Universal 3 Legs Monopod Base Stand
$39 (approx.) 


These are optional items you might want to add to your Virtual Tour equipment, but are NOT required.

VGSION Camera Hard Shell Carrying Case
$25.95 (approx.)
For Insta360 camera

Extra Battery Base
$23.00 (approx.)
Insta360 ONE R Rechargeable Battery Base

VGSION Dual Battery Charger Hub
$25.25 (approx.)

Weight for greater stability in wind and wave situations. Either Ankle weights or dumbbell plate.

DocaPole Extension Pole Hinge Tip and Angle Adapter
$14.99 (approx.)
PROVIDES OVER 180 DEGREES OF ROTATION – allows the user to access high-up and hard-to-reach areas

ProPole – Painter’s Pole Camera Mount Adapter
$21.95 (approx.)
Painter’s Pole Adapter – Camera Monopod, Selfie Stick, Extension Pole, Telescoping Pole


Complete Your Step-By-Step Online Training

Once you receive your personal Training Course login you can access your Training Course online.  It’s a easy to follow, step-by-step online Training  Course with instruction, video, and information that walks you through setup of your equipment, taking your first 360° panoramas, pitfalls to avoid, tips and tricks, as well as how to submit your final files to us for processing.

Once You Complete the Training Successfully, You’re Ready to Shoot Your First Unit! 


Submit Your Files to Us to Create Your Virtual Tour

Awesome! You shot 360° panoramas of your first Unit listing…now we need to make a Virtual Tour out of the files!  HOW TO CONVERT AND SUBMIT YOUR FILES IS FOUND AT THE END OF YOUR TRAINING COURSE, as well as the forms to submit your listing information.

  • RVs – You get 15 maximum panos used in final tour for navigation purposes
  • Boats – You get 18 maximum panos used in final tour for navigation purposes

This hasn’t changed 🙂

Email us with any questions or connect with Mike by Text (386) 315-2470 once you’ve completed this section and we’re happy to help.

There are no longer any Unit Exception limitations.

Delivery: Our goal is to complete and submit your Virtual Tour to POP for publishing to your listing page as quickly as possible, usually 3 days (M-F) from the date we receive all files and information from you, however it could be sooner. 

And that’s it. =) 

Go register for your Training now! 

The DIY360 for Pop Reps Program will give POP Reps the ability to have Virtual Tours on their listings.  We are excited about the program and happy to answer any questions you might have. Just reach out to us!

A Quick Peek at the DIY360 Training...


learn how to Setup Your Equipment and Software

Learn step by step how to setup your equipment and software from your Instructor who is an industry expert.

Why You Should NOT Use Matterport for Your Virtual Tours

You can save a lot of time, frustration and money in the long run by steering clear of Matterport for Virtual Tours.

understand 360 Concepts and Terminology

What a 360 Virtual Tour is and Isn't as well as all the Terminology used in the Course.

master Basic Equipment Operation

How to use your camera and equipment correctly and troubleshoot issues.

learn Shooting and Placements for 360 Photos and Videos

You need to take your shots from specific places. Learn where the best locations are and how to get them. There is video of an actual unit you walkthrough right with me while filming.

know how to How to Process and Convert Your Files

After your shoot  you've got submit your panographs to our Virtual Tour Design Team to process into the actual virtual tour. And you need to ensure you understand and process your panographs with the right settings for the best possible results!

Michael Speigner Virtual Tour Training
Michael Speigner Virtual Tour Training
Mike Speigner - Virtual Tour Instructor

Meet Your DIY360 Training Instructor

Michael Speigner, a 30 year Video and Production Specialist and industry professional with extensive experience shooting 360 Virtual Tours. He’s done over 300 Virtual Tours alone for Pop Sells listings.

Michael has taught at a University level as well as mentoring in the field. He lives in Central FL, and in his spare time he’s an aviation buff, an independent film producer, and a proud Coast Guard Veteran.